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From the maker of the 1% Better Podcast, the 864 has the same lofty goal, of making you 1% Better. This time in just 864 seconds, which is 1% of your day!

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The 864 with Stephen Ryan – Story Telling, Creating Tribes & 4 Big Ideas! Welcome to another episode of the 864 podcast. Stephen Ryan is a Marketing expert, a Storyteller, a Lecturer and, just recently, he’s launched his own story telling agency, On the same day, he launched another project called 24Stories ( I caught up with him a few weeks back to learn about both. He talks about the concept behind both and his hopes for both in the coming weeks and months. Stephen also shared his own personal story during the show, talking about his physical disability growing up and how this had a massive impact on the person he has become today. He talks about the tools and skills he learned at Enable Ireland in his early years. This was a big turning point for Stephen. Towards the end, Stephen shares some tips in the marketing space that he’s learned along the way as well as answering some random questions. Tips for Marketing & Brand Creation •What is your creative piece & then think about the time to release! •Timing is everything – when is the time to release it? •Press Releases – when best to share it? •Digital World Releases? •Asking people to do just one thing! #Narration •4 Big Ideas in a Year? •The Power of Creative Concepts! •EdFm Example! Random Questions •Hardest decision ever had to make? •What gets you into the zone! Get in touch: Stephen is active on social media on Twitter - @MarketinginCork Instagram – LinkedIn – Stephen Ryan Check out his story telling agency – And find out more about 24stories on


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