30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

BBC World Service製作的30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

BBC World Service

Amazing things humans have learnt from the animal kingdom. Inspiring, fascinating, bingeable.

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S2 Ep 30. Smart phones could become even smarter – thanks to ants, beetles, moths and spiders! A multi-animal special episode, marking the season 2 finale. Patrick explores what could be an insect inspired phone of the future! There’s the story of the fire ants and bark beetles and a new camera lens with a much greater field of view. The hairs on butterflies, moths and spiders could help with an amazing new microphone. Moths might make it easier to look at our phones in bright sunlight. There’s also a waterproof, anti-bacterial cover which could be based on the wings of cicadas. Thanks for listening and please help us spread the word. #30Animals


  • 63 - Insects and mobile phone 
    Mon, 17 Jan 2022
  • 62 - Butterfly and eye implant 
    Mon, 10 Jan 2022
  • 61 - Slug and surgical glue 
    Mon, 03 Jan 2022
  • 60 - Dragonfly and sky spy 
    Mon, 27 Dec 2021
  • 59 - Kingfisher and soil erosion 
    Mon, 20 Dec 2021

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