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Join us for conversations that explore why we play, collect, build, obsess over guitars and how rewarding it is to make music of our own. Each month, your hosts at Acoustic Guitar magazine connect you with great guitarists – from preeminent pickers and fingerstyle sensations to trailblazing songwriters, luthiers, and the acoustic guitar community at large.

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While both our guests are lauded for their electric guitar chops, this episode is all about playing unplugged. Join Eric Johnson and Gretchen Menn for a wide-ranging conversation exploring ego, joy, musical growth, and how to get good tone. (Hint: it's about a lot more than gear!)

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The Acoustic Guitar Podcast theme music is composed by Adam Perlmutter and performed for this episode by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

This episode is hosted by Nick Grizzle, produced by Tanya Gonzalez, and directed and edited by Joey Lusterman. Executive producers are Lyzy Lusterman and Stephanie Campos Dal Broi.

The Acoustic Guitar Podcast is produced by the team at Acoustic Guitar magazine, including:

  • Publisher: Lyzy Lusterman
  • Editorial Director: Adam Perlmutter
  • Managing Editor: Kevin Owens
  • Creative Director: Joey Lusterman
  • Digital Content Director: Stephanie Campos Dal Broi
  • Digital Content Manager: Nick Grizzle
  • Marketing Services Manager: Tanya Gonzalez

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