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Arctic Canada and the Culture Cure is a podcast all about the Canadian Arctic, the land, the people, the culture and what it can teach the rest of the world. Canada's Arctic continues to hold the world spellbound. Twenty-four hours of darkness in winter, to twenty-four hours of daylight in summer, temperatures as extreme as -84 F, walrus, muskox, polar bear, narwhal, and indigenous peoples, rich in culture and tradition that have survived the test of time. Through interviews with prominent community members, elders, hunters, politicians, artists, musicians and sports figures, we will explore tradition, retention and revitalization of culture, colonialism, residential school, climate change, and much more.Production and technical support provided by Shushiela Appavoo.

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A new approach to providing invaluable, data-driven insights into sea-ice thickness and local ice conditions in the Canadian Arctic is utilizing traditional knowledge combined with technology. SmartICE is an award-winning technological innovation for the North. It is the world's first climate change adaptation tool to integrate the traditional knowledge of sea ice with advanced data acquisition and remote monitoring technology. In this episode we discuss this groundbreaking approach with SmartICE Executive Director, Carolann Harding, and SmartICE Regional Operations Lead for Nunavut's Qikiqtaaluk Region, Andrew Arreak. 


  • 30 - Predicting Arctic Ice Cover-A Marriage Between Tradition and Technology 
    Thu, 25 Mar 2021
  • 29 - Indigenous Activism Through the Performing Arts - Ashley Callingbull, Breaking Barriers 
    Sun, 22 Nov 2020
  • 28 - Arctic Adaptation-As the Climate Changes Is It All Bad? An Interview With Dr. Isla Myers-Smith 
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020
  • 27 - Kevin Koe - A Legacy of Curling Greatness Born in the Canadian Arctic 
    Sun, 26 Jul 2020
  • 26 - Reclaiming Inuit Identity in the Aftermath of Colonialism Through Artistic Expression-Avianna Mackenzie 
    Thu, 02 Jul 2020

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