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Chris Chappell

From the team that brought you the satirical TV news show China Uncensored comes a...well...less scripted look at China. Chris Chappell and his team are off the teleprompter and on the mic to interview China experts, or discuss the issues of the day. And frankly, anything else they feel like discussing.

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Desmond Shum, who was raised in Hong Kong, said he didn't understand how to play China's business game until he met his wife, Whitney Duan. They made a fortune together, and as a result, she became China's wealthiest female entrepreneur. But when Xi Jinping came to power, Shum saw the writing on the wall for business in China and moved to the UK. In 2017, Duan disappeared. Shum wanted to leave their son his account of doing business in China, which led to his tell-all book called "Red Roulette".


  • 135 - #134 Tell-All Book Reveals How Business Is REALLY Done in China 
    Mon, 20 Sep 2021
  • 134 - #132 Secret Chinese Military Bases in Antarctica? | Alex Gray 
    Wed, 15 Sep 2021
  • 133 - #133 Globalization: China’s Master Strategy to Defeat America 
    Mon, 13 Sep 2021
  • 132 - #131 China’s Behind-the-Scenes Maneuvering in Afghanistan | Jim Fanell 
    Mon, 23 Aug 2021
  • 131 - #130 What You Need to Know About China’s Political Warfare 
    Mon, 16 Aug 2021

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