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April and Loren Kirk, stars of TLC's "You, Me & My Ex" and the hosts of Past Chaos, take you on a journey through marriage, divorce, coparenting and so much more! Listen as these women discuss the trials, tribulations, and triumphs they encounter while attempting to build a positive relationship and productive communication after a bitter custody battle. These two courageous women share one very common bond – the same husband. April is the wife of Loren’s ex-husband; together they co-parent six children. The best part is, they are all neighbors. Together they want to build a community of blended families that focus on putting the children’s needs above their own. Parenting presents its own challenges, add in filming a reality television show – you have yourself a whole new set of issues. Unfortunately, divorce happens, but it does not have to place lasting and damaging effects on children. Past Chaos was created in hopes of shedding light on positive co-parenting and advocating for better communication for the parents of children in broken homes. April and Loren hope you will join them on this adventure of proving that blended is better! Past Chaos is a weekly podcast that is available wherever you prefer to listen. Please subscribe.

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In this episode, April and Loren interview a very special guest.  Sarah and her husband made a big decision to go against the grain.  After her husband's retirement from the military, Sarah  decided they should purchase a giant RV and take their 3 daughters and pet children on the road for a year.  Listen to the interesting details of her travels and how she stays sane during her journey of life on the road.
Can you guess the "spicy" question April and Loren are dying to know from Sarah?
Also, find out how Loren was recently interrogated on her parenting style.

If you want to hear more about Sarah and her family or just follow along on their journey, check out her website:

Don't forget, you can now stream Season 1 of "You, Me & My Ex" on Discovery+.

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