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A podcast between two first time dads going through the journey of pregnancy and fatherhood. It is a live inside look on the current thoughts of the hosts, not a look back. As long term friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, humor is mixed with sincerity on important topics related to fatherhood. These are real, working, beer drinking men who don’t claim to be experts but want to be good dads and help other dads succeed along the way.

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The guys are back and this week they've brought on a special guest to discuss how life is with a one year old. We start off with the weekly Dad Joke from Jerry and weekly update from the guys, then introduce our guest and discuss how it is has been for him as a veteran in the dad game. Join the conversation as we continue to give you a real time view into fatherhood as we are figuring it all out...or trying to. We know you will enjoy this latest episode of The Dad Jokes Podcast!

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