Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy

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John Paul Thomas

Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy: 365 Days with Saint Faustina. Reflections and prayers inspired by the Diary of Divine Mercy.

The Diary of Saint Faustina is a spiritual treasure given to the Church by Jesus Himself through the humble instrumentality of a cloistered nun. It consists of Saint Faustina’s six handwritten notebooks revealing her faith and her daily encounters with our Lord.

These short reflections were written to help you discover the spiritual wisdom revealed by Saint Faustina in her Diary. A total of 365 short spiritual reflections will be posted throughout the year for your daily meditation, inspiration and prayer. The written content of these reflections is available to you online at our website. It is also available for purchase in ebook and paperback format.

May the Mercy of God transform you each and every day as you continue your journey of personal conversion!

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Imagine the parent who loves a child with burning love.  They are committed in every way to the care and well-being of their child.  Their love is steady and irrevocable from the time of birth on into adulthood.  Now imagine the pain in this parent’s heart if at some point their child walks out on them and fully rejects their love.  This loving parent will not give up but will think about their child day and night, aching inside with love, hoping to be able to receive their child back.  This is but a faint image of the love of the Heart of Jesus.  As a “faint image,” we must realize that when we reject the love of our Lord, the wound of love in His Heart produces the deepest suffering.  But this is a suffering of love.  And instead of this wound of love causing Him to reject us, it does the opposite.  The more we turn from God, the deeper His wound of love, and the deeper His wound of love, the more He pours out His Mercy upon us.  Never doubt for a single moment the irrevocable love God has for you.  Believing in this love will give you courage to always return to our Lord (See Diary #1447).

Reflect upon the love that your parent has for you.  No, it may not be perfect, and some may have experienced great hurt from a parent, but try to imagine what it would be like to have a parent who loves you with an unconditional love.  The knowledge of this love would become a constant invitation to let them into your life.  Reflect also on this being a faint image of the love of God for you.  Do not doubt this love.  Turn to it and trust in this irrevocable love of our merciful Lord.

Lord, help me to understand Your irrevocable love.  And as I understand this love, give me courage to never turn from You, but when I do, give me courage to always return to You.  Your love is perfect and constant.  It never fails and never gives up.  Thank You, dear Lord, for loving me to this perfect degree.  Help me to love You in return.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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