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EconTalk: Conversations for the Curious is an award-winning weekly podcast hosted by Russ Roberts of Shalem College in Jerusalem and Stanford's Hoover Institution. The eclectic guest list includes authors, doctors, psychologists, historians, philosophers, economists, and more. Learn how the health care system really works, the serenity that comes from humility, the challenge of interpreting data, how potato chips are made, what it's like to run an upscale Manhattan restaurant, what caused the 2008 financial crisis, the nature of consciousness, and more. EconTalk has been taking the Monday out of Mondays since 2006. All 800+ episodes are available in the archive. Go to for transcripts, related resources, and comments.

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Economic theory teaches that people make choices that provide them with the greatest benefit. So why not extend this idea to the realm of charity? Economists and social entrepreneurs Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus of GiveDirectly argue that giving people cash with no strings attached is the most cost-effective means of helping the poorest people in the world and their communities.


  • 873 - Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus on GiveDirectly 
    Mon, 6 Dec 2021
  • 872 - Nina Kraus on Hearing, Noise, and Of Sound Mind 
    Mon, 29 Nov 2021
  • 871 - Eric Jacobus on the Art and Science of Violence 
    Mon, 22 Nov 2021
  • 870 - Emily Oster on the Family Firm 
    Mon, 15 Nov 2021
  • 869 - Sandra Faber on the Future of the Earth 
    Mon, 8 Nov 2021

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