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Hi there, on this channel you will find short stories for kids, moral stories, good night stories etc, start the journey by listening to all the episodes of the channel. you can visit my website to know the mysteries of the scientific world, stay tuned !!!. For more updates, you can follow my blog at: Support this podcast:

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Hi there !! This is the second episode of this season, In the first chapter of the story, the mother goat warned the baby goats about a beast wolf, and how intelligent he is to make the kids fool, listen to the end to know more, more episode is on the way, stay tuned!!!. for more updates follow my website:


  • 3 - CHAPTER-3: The wolf and the baby goats 
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
  • 2 - CHAPTER-2: The wolf and the baby goats 
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
  • 1 - CHAPTER-1 : The wolf and the baby goats 
    Sun, 02 Aug 2020

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