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a Kuwaiti podcast that talks about the local opinion in movies

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October issue us here, and we are talking about the next hot movie season, Xmas lots of big blockbusters are targeting a release date in Xmas. in this months Podcast we will review whats coming this Xmas in Kuwait and around the world, so stay toned and enjoy Download Here:


  • 68 - October Issue 
    Tue, 09 Oct 2007
  • 67 - September Issue 
    Tue, 04 Sep 2007
  • 66 - August Issue: Harry Potter, Transformers and much more 
    Mon, 06 Aug 2007
  • 65 - July Issue 
    Mon, 02 Jul 2007
  • 64 - We are Back! 
    Sun, 03 Jun 2007

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