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At Norfolk County Council Fostering Service, we find people with room in their hearts and their homes to make a positive difference to every child who needs it. In this podcast Scott McKay, Marketing Manager, will speak to a range people involved in the fostering process and cover a variety of subjects relating to foster care.

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Welcome to the Fostering Focus podcast from Norfolk County Council, this week we will be discussing Skills to Foster. Listen to Social Worker Magda along with Foster Carers Sue and Lisa speak about the foster carer training course. We hope you enjoy the show and if you wish to find more, please click here.

If nurture is in your nature, Norfolk County Council would like to hear from you. Adventurous, optimistic, and positive individuals who can offer a child meaningful support by opening their hearts and their homes. Through love and patience, kindness and understanding, you can help turn a life around. 

Across Norfolk, there is a growing need for foster families to welcome children into their homes. Foster carers provide fantastic family settings and really change the lives of children and we need more of them, particularly enhanced foster carers who could help a child who has faced more challenges in their lives and need greater support from their foster placement.


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