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WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon brings medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

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We discuss what is happening on the ground in battleground states ahead of the 2022 elections. 

Our guests are: CPT Maureen Bannon, Joe Borelli, James Roguski, Naomi Wolf, Dr. Chris Flowers MD, Michael Cassidy, Steve Stern

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Aired On: 6/27/2022

Watch: On the Web: On Gettr: @WarRoom On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews 


  • 4022 - WarRoom BattleGround EP 81: They Want Illegals To Be Allowed To Vote In US Elections; The Evidence Against Moderna Continues To Grow 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022 - 0h
  • 4021 - Episode 1,961 - The Eye InThe Economic Storm; Federal Judge Reverses Bidens No Deportation Policy; ’Moderate’ Alex Wagner Replaces Maddow On MSNBC 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022 - 0h
  • 4020 - Episode 1,960 - The Takedown Of The Administrative State; Pro Life Fight Goes Back To The States; The Racist Nature Of Margaret Sanger 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022 - 0h
  • 4019 - Episode 1,959 - Supreme Court Goes 5-0 In Massive Decisions On American Society; The Youthful Vanguard Of The Rise OF The Right; Colorado/ NYC Primaries 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022 - 0h
  • 4018 - Episode 1,958 - Victory Lap For Pro Life The Day After A Monumental SCOTUS Ruling; We Will Not Crater To the Lawless Left; Big Tech Needs To Be Broken Up 
    Sat, 25 Jun 2022 - 0h

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