Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Grace


Fiona Joy Hawkins 23 hours ago
Heidi Breyer - Autumn Snowfall

Autumn Snowfall

Heidi Breyer 23 hours ago
David Nevue - Undertow


David Nevue 23 hours ago
Monica Scott - Carsen's Song

Carsen's Song

Monica Scott 23 hours ago
Jason Tonioli - Precious Savior Dear Redeemer

Precious Savior Dear Redeemer

Jason Tonioli 23 hours ago
Tim Neumark - The Dream of You

The Dream of You

Tim Neumark 23 hours ago
Michael Hanna - Shadows of the Someone I'll Never Be

Shadows of the Someone I'll Never Be

Michael Hanna 23 hours ago
Michael Logozar - The Water Is Wide

The Water Is Wide

Michael Logozar 23 hours ago
Brad Jacobsen - Midnight Walk

Midnight Walk

Brad Jacobsen 23 hours ago
Steven Cravis - Why?


Steven Cravis 23 hours ago

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Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is an online radio station exclusively dedicated to piano solos. It was launched in 2003 by David Nevue as a vehicle to promote his own music having found no other radio station willing to showcase it. As soon as the station began live streaming globally, other artists began flooding Nevue with requests to also broadcast their music.

Whisperings is now a global platform where musicians and piano-music lovers could share their passion.

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1. Yukari Wellness - Whisperings

2. Tim Neumark - The Dream of You

3. Philip Wesley - Light and Shadow

4. Anne Trenning - Where Rivers Run

5. Michael Logozar - The Fisherman's Tale

6. Gregory Lang - Four Winds

7. Brenda Warren - Sitting On a Star

8. Kevin Kern - Sundial Dreams

9. Kai Miano - Agathe

10. Peter Kater - Intimacy


1. Vascoreux - Wind Whisperings

2. Please - If You Want, When You Want, How You Want

3. Piano Mane - Whisperings

4. So Much More - So Much More

5. Michael Hanna - Danny Boy

6. George Skaroulis - Keep the Faith

7. Yukari Wellness - Whisperings

8. Joe Bongiorno - Trance

9. Christophe Delvallé - La pythie

10. Tim Neumark - The Dream of You


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