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Johnny Pate - Aleme Finds Shaft

Aleme Finds Shaft

Johnny Pate 23 hours ago
Erma Franklin - Open Up Your Soul

Open Up Your Soul

Erma Franklin 23 hours ago
Brandon - If You Didn't Say It Before

If You Didn't Say It Before

Brandon 23 hours ago
Napoleon Demps - Norma Jean

Norma Jean

Napoleon Demps 23 hours ago
People's Choice - A Mellow Mood

A Mellow Mood

People's Choice 23 hours ago
The Harlem Gospel Travelers - Fight On!

Fight On!

The Harlem Gospel Travelers 23 hours ago
805Rider - Next Show

Next Show

805Rider 23 hours ago
El Chicano - Viva Tirado

Viva Tirado

El Chicano 23 hours ago
Kid Frost - Raza Unite

Raza Unite

Kid Frost 23 hours ago
Home Team - Pick It Up

Pick It Up

Home Team 23 hours ago

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1. 805Rider - Next Show

2. 805Rider - Next Show

3. Black Ivory - Just Leave Me Some

4. Sean Price - Bully Rap (feat. Realm Reality)

5. Termanology - Back in the Day

6. Toni Tornado - Me Libertei

7. Helmuth Brandenburg - Loreley (Arr. by Helmuth Brandenburg)

8. Westside Gunn - Gustavo (feat. Keisha Plum)

9. Roy Ayers - Let Me Love You

10. Nutso & DJ Low Cut - Ill Street (feat. Kool G Rap)


1. 805Rider - Next Show

2. Ансамбль Водограй - Несла Дівчина Воду (1983)

3. 805Rider - Next Show

4. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By

5. Can - Vitamin C

6. The Pointer Sisters - Don't It Drive You Crazy

7. Fausto Papetti - The Godfather Waltz

8. Black Ivory - Just Leave Me Some

9. Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before

10. 2Pac - I Get Around

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