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Every Friday, join Ruby for News Time as she counts down the week’s most interesting news stories for kids. From amazing animals to special events, the natural world to outer space, News Time is made especially for children to help them understand the world around them.


On today's show, we’re going to find out how zoo keepers are keeping animals cool in hot weather. We will take a trip to the moon and find out what time it is there. Back on the ground, Indigenous cricket legends are preparing to honour a very special place. Then we’ll take a ride with a hitchhiking possum. And then we'll meet a dog who is a special friend. QUIZ QUESTIONS: What is something zoo keepers give animals help help them cool down on hot days? How do astronauts tell the time in space at the moment? What Australian town was the birthplace of Australia's first ever international touring cricket team? What type of possum was Queenie? What type of dog is Elton? BONUS TRICKY QUIZ: How many games of cricket did Australia's first ever international touring cricket team play in England? ANSWERS: Frozen ice blocks or "bloodsicles". At the moment, all missions to the moon run on the time of the country operating the spacecraft. Edenhope. Ring-tail possum. He is an assistance dog. BONUS TRICKY ANSWER: They played 47 matches – winning 14, loosing 14 and tied the rest.


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