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Every Friday, join Ruby for News Time as she counts down the week’s most interesting news stories for kids. From amazing animals to special events, the natural world to outer space, News Time is made especially for children to help them understand the world around them.


On today's show we: celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, cheer on our Aussie athletes at the Commonwealth Games, meet a new superhero, visit a wildlife shelter in Tasmania and pat a champion dog. QUIZ QUESTIONS: 1. How long does Garma Festival last? 2. Where are this year's Commonwealth Games held? 3. What type of wallabies will soon need extra care in Tasmania? 4. How many years ago is Wylah the Koorie Warrior set? 5. What breed of dog is Spryte? BONUS TRICKY QUESTION: What Indigenous Country is Garma festival held on? ANSWERS: 1. Four days 2. Brimingham, England 3. Bennett's wallabies 4. 40,000 5. Tenterfield terrier BONUS TRICKY ANSWER: Yolngu


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