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Sydney radio’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli are joined on Nova 96.9 in breakfast and nationally from 6pm by one of Australia’s most loved personalities, Kate Ritchie. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL  – at their own expense. No matter what the topic, the team will have their own unique take on it. The trio will hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind.

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It's officially the end of an era with our newsreader and favourite Traffic Piggy, Matt De Groot. Luckily for us (and you lot) we have 10 glorious years of stitch ups and pranks in the archives that we'll cherish forever. Without further ado, here are some of his BEST and hilarious moments with Fitzy, Wippa and Kate Ritchie.

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  • 4394 - Remembering With MDG | The Paul Gallen Fight 
    Mon, 04 Dec 2023
  • 4393 - The Pranks That Went Terribly Wrong... 
    Sun, 03 Dec 2023
  • 4392 - Recap Of The Year! 
    Fri, 01 Dec 2023
  • 4391 - Lots Of Tears For Matt De Groot’s Last Day 
    Fri, 01 Dec 2023
  • 4390 - Dr Chris Brown And Kate Ritchie Are Official! 
    Thu, 30 Nov 2023

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