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630 CHED and the Edmonton Oilers bring you Oilers NOW with Bob Stauffer daily. We cover the NHL Draft, free agency, and the lead-up to Oilers training camp like no one else can. As the colour commentator for the Edmonton Oilers, Bob Stauffer is sure to bring you all the Oilers news before anyone else!​

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Get caught up on the Stanley Cup Final, Edmonton's Memorial Cup run and where Elliotte Friedman thinks the market is at for Evander Kane this off-season. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


  • 12061 - Bob kicks off the June 27 show (6/27/22) 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022
  • 12060 - NHL insider John Shannon (6/27/22) 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022
  • 12059 - Condors Head Coach Colin Chaulk (6/27/22) 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022
  • 12058 - Oil Kings G.M. Kirt Hill (6/27/22) 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022
  • 12057 - Bob previews the Oil Kings vs Hamilton at the Memorial Cup (6/24/22) 
    Fri, 24 Jun 2022

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