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Daily Minnesota Vikings entertainment with one mission: We want the Vikings to win the Super Bowl before we die. Purple Daily is hosted by Phil Mackey & Judd Zulgad, who are long-time radio hosts in the Twin Cities and former Vikings beat writers. A SKOR North production. You can also find Purple Daily via YouTube -- YouTube.com/PurpleDailyPodcast

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Minnesota Vikings pie chart of BLAME after a brutal week 2 loss to the Arizona Cardinals to Mike Zimmer, Greg Joseph, Rick Spielman and more!; (23:00) Silver Linings in the Vikings’ loss; (33:00) Surly You Must be Furious rant!


  • 1627 - Minnesota Vikings pie chart of blame: Mike Zimmer, Greg Joseph and more! 
    Mon, 20 Sep 2021
  • 1626 - Is Mike Zimmer losing his touch with Minnesota Vikings? – Comments! 
    Mon, 20 Sep 2021
  • 1625 - WIDE RIGHT: Minnesota Vikings lose heartbreaker to Arizona Cardinals – VENT LINE 
    Sun, 19 Sep 2021
  • 1624 - Vegas thinks Mike Zimmer’s seat is HOT – Purple Props 
    Sat, 18 Sep 2021
  • 1623 - Kirk Cousins at $30 million or Taylor Heinicke at $2 million – Four Question Friday 
    Fri, 17 Sep 2021

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