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A weekly programme that illuminates the mysteries, challenges and the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

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Victoria Gill and guests ask why does scientific communication matters in society and how it might be done better, with Sam Illingworth, Berry Billingsley and Ozmala Ismail. The climate crisis and Covid-19 have shown over the recent years the importance of reliable, relatable, transparent and trusted science communication. But just like science itself, it comes in different forms and takes different approaches. Always keen to keep you up to date, BBC Inside Science takes a moment to discuss good practice and how it might be done better. Dr Oz Ismail is a dementia researcher who also finds time to do stand-up, public engagement and a podcast called Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? Sam Illingworth is an Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University who investigates science and communication between disciplines. He is also a poet and writer, and has a podcast called The Poetry of Science. And Berry Billingsley is Professor in Science Education at Canterbury Christchurch University. Erstwhile science broadcaster, she looks at ways science education could be enhanced through building what her team call Epistemic Insight - transforming the nature of science education in society's younger members. Presented by Victoria Gill Produced by Alex Mansfield and Samara Linton


  • 459 - Building Better Engagement 
    Thu, 19 May 2022
  • 458 - A Trip-Switch for Depression? 
    Thu, 12 May 2022
  • 457 - Declining Data, Climate Deadlines and the Day the Dinosaurs Died 
    Thu, 05 May 2022
  • 456 - How can the UK get to zero carbon? 
    Thu, 28 Apr 2022
  • 455 - Racial inequality in UK science 
    Thu, 21 Apr 2022

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