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Paige has been curious about successful people all her life. Join as she talks with accomplished folks, learning a bit of their back stories, how to live life fully and with passion, both professionally and personally, and useful nuggets of wisdom, as today’s thought-leaders pass the power on to you. Pass The Power is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts.

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For the finale of Season 1, Paige chats with her eldest daughter 18-year-old Hilton Rogers and husband Jim Rogers covering everything from love, parenting, schooling/living in Singapore and gender equality to Jim and Paige’s Guinness World Record circumnavigation; plus, hear the scoop on why Hilton, formerly called Happy, dropped her nickname, why the family shares a passion for Mandarin, politics and history, and Hilton’s thoughts on social media – and its toxicity, and more on their passions and reflections to Pass the Power on to you.

Thank you to Deity Mics for providing me with the mics I use for recording! Visit their page at:


  • 17 - Reaping with the Rogers: Paige with daughter Hilton and husband Jim Rogers 
    Thu, 03 Jun 2021
  • 15 - The Persistent Entrepreneur: Paige with Patrick Grove 
    Sun, 23 May 2021
  • 14 - The Intelligence behind Artificial Intelligence: Paige with Dr. Ayesha Khanna 
    Sun, 16 May 2021
  • 13 - Civilizing the Museum: Paige with Kennie Ting 
    Sun, 09 May 2021
  • 12 - The Power of Serendipity with a Growth Mindset: Paige with Dr. Beh Swan Gin 
    Sun, 02 May 2021

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