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Welcome to the World news. World news keeps you updated news around the nations.

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Welcome to the World news. World news keeps you updated news around the nations.

Today's topic is "Czech Republic's First 3D-Printed House Built in 48 Hours"

The Czech Republic's first 3D-printed house takes just 48 hours to build, a few weeks to dry, and is designed to last at least 100 years.

Designed by artist Michal Trpak with the support of a Czech building society, the first "Prvok" house has been built in the southern Czech city of Ceske Budejovice.

The Prvok house was designed with 43 square meters of floor space and three rooms: a bathroom, a living room with kitchen, and a bedroom. It can be used in both the city and countryside, and can even float on water.

According to the building society, 3D-printed houses can be built seven times faster than regular houses, and the costs can be up to 50% lower. Also, 3D-printing homes creates up to 20% less carbon dioxide than building with bricks.

The house uses environmentally friendly technologies like a shower that can collect, clean and reuse water, and a roof where plants can be grown. And even though it has been designed to last for a century, Trpak says that owners can demolish the house if they don't need it anymore, and print something new at the same place using the same materials.

The house was printed by a robot arm developed through one of Trpak's other projects, called Scoolpt. Working with global company Master Builders Solutions, Scoolpt also developed the concrete that the Prvok house is made of. After just one day, the concrete is as strong as the foundations of a normal family home — but after 28 days of drying, it is as strong as the concrete used to build bridges.










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